Yashbans , a kennel located in the beautiful city of Bangalore

Dedicated to producing the finest Dogs in India for Show and Companionship.

Breeders of 

- Two , "Dog of the Years - Bred in India"
- "Reserve Puppy of the Year"

Winners of Prestigious awards like


- "Breeder of the Year
- "Dog of the Year"
- "Reserve Puppy of the Year"


Making India Proud. And Karnataka even prouder.


Besides having bred innumerable Champions and Best in Show line up winners for over 30 years now, and with this continued passion for perfection, Yashbans is striving to breed better and better.

Yashbans. For the finest.

Golden Retrievers, Siberian Huskies, Shih Tzus and Miniature Pinschers.