A home away from home.

  • Amidst extensive greenery, free from pollution
  • Individual spacious rooms
  • kennels with attached spacious runs
  • Huge Play Area
  • Safe, hygenic ¬†flooring in every room
  • Bedding¬†provided for every pet
  • Round the clock veterinary assistance
  • All Boarding kennels have fans to give your pet more comfort during his stay
  • Luxurious Air Cooled Rooms and Air Conditioned Rooms also available
  • safe nursery for young pets
  • Double enclosure to ensure your pet is safe
  • All pets are provided with safe toys to play with at all times
  • Fresh, clean, purified drinking water provided
  • Individual wholesome diets
  • State of the art Cattery , escape proof , for boarding for your pet cat / bird / critter also provided

Large Individual kennels with fans

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Personal attention. Love and care . Always.

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